Common PC Error Messages With Solution

I Have listed some off error messages from PC/Laptop , not explained much whatever some of basic error messages. just follow the solutions which i`m listed below. if you cannot fix your self let me know or post your problem in comment box.

List of error messages and the solution.

♦ Hard Disk Not Detected

Solution : Check power connector , check data cable , check jumpers.

♦ Hard disk hangs while processing

Solution : Check bad sectors by using CHDISK or SCAN DISK command , If problem found format the hard disk and set partition before that eara.

♦ hard disk making noise while processing

Solution : unstablized power supply , check for loose contact , Do not use Y connectors for hard disk because it may create bad sector or weak Hard Disk.

♦ CPU cabinet shock

Solution : Check earthing , check main power cord.

♦ Shaking screen

Cause : Earthing problem , Magnetic waves comes around

♦ Dancing Screen

Solution : Check display card connection , virus problem , video Memory problem

♦ Motherboard hangs due to unstabilized power supply

Solution : check SMPS, RAM not functioning properly , software problem , i.e using pirated software,CPU fan not Functioning properly.

♦ Showing HDD error or Hard disk Failure

Solution : Check power cord ,  check connection of HDD.

♦ Unknown device found

Solution : Driver utility may not be provided with operating system. Install driver for the device.

♦ Display color doesn`t match

Solution : Configure display card properly or reset the settings.

♦ Windows registry error

Solution : It will happen due to sudden ON/OFF of the system . solution is to Reinstall the operating system.

♦ Partition not shown

Solution : Operating system where the hard disk formatted is not supported with present motherboard.

♦ Continuous non-stop Beeping

Cause : Keyboard problem (i.e some keys pressed for longer time).

♦ Three long Beep period wise

Cause : Problem in Bios or RAM.

♦ Three Beeps (1 long and 2 short)

Cause: Problem in display card connection

♦ Continuous three Beeps

Cause : Problem in RAM connection

♦ Monitor LED blinking

Solution : Check the connection like monitor cable , data cable , RAM, display card , CPU connection etc..

♦ CMOS error

Solution : Replace 3 volt battery of motherboard. set original settings manually , enter your search form search form term , submit search form.

♦ Power LED is Off

Solution : Check main power cord check SMPS ,  check motherboard connection.

♦ No display on the screen

Cause : Hard disk cable connected wrongly

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