How To Fix Google Play store Error Connection

There are many more Reasons to appear google play store won`t connect internet, Even you can watch videos or browse. Only the problem with google play store can`t find network .

1.If you did not clear google play store data and cache

2.If your play store service on out of date(the android device won`t update)

3.some time if you are using multiple google accounts

When you see the error message do not Reset or format your phone, that is not good idea to reset or format.

You can also fix this problem doing some of this method

◊ Check date and time settings

◊ Install latest version of google play store

◊ Clean google play store  Data & Caches

◊ Clean Google play store service Data & Caches

◊ Fix by doing Force stop Google play store & Service

◊ By installing Uptoid APK (can update & download Google Play store & service)

◊ Perform a Factory data Reset

First you have to clear the Data and Caches from google play store and google play service , If you have lots of google play store/service Data and caches to saved on your android phone you will see the error message also, because when you have reach more than 150MB data it won`t connect to the internet. So the first you have to do clear all data and caches from each google play store/service.

fix android fix android

Remember if you clear google play store Data , that will erase your saved Email ID and password. After clear Data/Caches sign in to your google account , you can see that when you try to open google play store. When the window will appear to sign in choose Existing account not New Account.

The next step is Remove Google account from your Android, if you have 2 account in 1 android remove both of them . by removing google account it`s just like resetting your android account, so just try to fix by removing Google accounts.

android wont connect internet

android cannot connect internet

Next way to install Uptoid application into your android because the uptoid can update and install your out of date google play store and service. Uptoid is just like play store, you can install many more apps from it which is not in google play store. before you do this try to uninstall current google play store and service . This is also very simple way to fix the connection problem, because i fixed many more people`s android by doing this simple method .

android cannot connect internet

Until now you cannot fix your problem you can choose to restore or format your android. I hope the first two method will fix the connection problem , because this is my experience I am sharing here so that will be success. Suppose if you cannot fix just restore or format. when your android is open just follow the same which i mention above to choose Existing account, because if you choose new account that will go to create new gmail account, so choose Existing account if you have a Gmail account.



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