How To Fix No Output Device Is Installed On Windows


If you have installed new window or you restored maybe the windows cannot detect or download automatically. even if you have download and installed sound driver on you will be loss your sound driver because of the audio driver will crash or infected.

To fixing this you can simply click on the message the windows will automatically search and download the latest version of audio driver for your system . if the windows can`t find the driver for your system or filed to update the audio driver you can manually download  sound driver for your system . But the problem with you cannot download any sound driver for your system . Some audio drivers are not support some kind of Motherboard or windows . if you are using windows XP maybe you cannot install realtek audio driver for windows XP. mostly for windows XP sound driver is supporting SoundMax Audio driver . also some kind of version of the audio driver won`t support.

In this case if the driver won`t support your system you have to go to which manufacture of your computer or laptop , I mean if you are using Lenovo just go to Lenovo support page and search for your driver and download manually. i have been already created article about this how to fix windows won`t update automatic install ,when you submit your System model or Serial Number they will show you the supported Audio Driver for your System. Just download and install.

fix audio in windows

The second step is very simple you can update all your out of dated drivers with 2 Driver updating Software. This is very simple just download the application and RUN scan , so the Driver Updating software will automatically Detect if your drivers are out of date and which are up to date. I will provide 2 Driver updating software Names below , just download and RUN scan , after scanning you can see which drivers need to be update, just apply download and update.

1. SlimDrivers -This is very popular and free driver updating software and very simple to use they are providing good support for free version also you can download many out of date drivers just in one day. It will scan deep in your system for getting out of date drivers.

windows sound not working

2.DriverMax- This is also very helpful automated driver updating software . They are providing free version for limited usage per day. You can download and update only 2 drivers per day , If you update 2 drivers in one day you have to wait for next day to update other out of date drivers. and there is Offline installer also for DriverMax, you can download and burn it on CD or DVD by Autorun , it will scan and find the out of date drivers without internet. because the driver package will include all drivers in one file. This is very useful when we install new window if there is not Network drive installed on that system. some time after installing new window the system will loss some important drivers like Intel Network driver or webcam driver , USB driver and Audio Driver . The most bad thing is missing Network driver after new window installation , i have got the same problem while I`am  install windows on my friends Laptop . without internet we cannot do, so we must need this DriverMax offline installer . You can download it from their website or other trusted website like .

windows sound fix

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