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If you are using Laptop or PC you should know how you can resolve the problems while you are working on it. this is very important, I saw many more peoples are asking very simple question in social media or other forms. in this article i just want to write some basic troubleshooting tips. you can follow if you are facing any one of it.

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1 .System Startup very slow

2 .System running very slow while working

System startup very slow;

Some system will take almost 5 to 10 minutes to access any program on the desktop, because of the settings, if you have enabled any heavy files on your system like antivirus (not at all, some of) or any torrent i.e the system will open very slow. because when you try to open your system the all programs will run on the start up so automatically the system start up will take long time, if you system has enabled more application on the start up maybe your system will take 5 to 10 minutes to run normally. all you have to just disable unwanted process on start up, just choose which one you want to enable on start up , just start up only even you can disable every one on start up, so your system will start with in 1 or 2 minutes.

For disable unwanted applications on startup

Type in the search box (on start menu) “system config” press enter when you press enter new window will pop up. In that window you can enable or disable any program on the startup. You can also adjust the timing of the startup that will be in “boot” tab .almost all are system startup time will be set to 30 seconds you can set this 5 seconds.

After go to the “startup” tab choose which program you want to run on startup if you have sound driver or other windows application you can disable it,it will automatically run after 1 minute system opening. just disable any heavy application from the startup tab.

Just apply settings and Restart PC. This method will help you to get your system startup normally.

System running very slow while working ;

1. Delete unwanted software

In this case you have to do some more things. First you have to delete all unwanted applications from you system, because maybe you don`t know some application will install without your permission, when you download like torrent files they will include 1 or 2 bad unusable applications, each time some applications will work on the background,even the file size is very small. so you have to check you have any unwanted applications on your system just delete them if you are not using.

2.Disk Cleanup

This is very important if you are using everyday you should clean up your disk C every 1 month , because the all application data including download data, error logs , will store in Local disk C so you have to clean the disk at least every month. that will improve your system performance much better than before.

For me just small amount only because i will cleanup the disk every month.

3.Run Disk Defragmenter .

Disk Defragmenter is a utility in microsoft windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations. The technique called defragmentation .This is very important part of the system, if you ever run Disk Defragementer your system will be slow also, if you have a big amount files on your disk C it will effect for your system performance. by running this defragmentation will Release space on the disk, and it can be move some unmovable heavy files on the storage.

4. Delete Temp files/Clear Recycle bin

This is one of part of your system performance , because you do not have much space on your hard drive you have clear this at least every 2 or 3 months, because when you delete any files from your system that will not delete permanently by default, there is option also if you don`t want to keep files on Recycle bin, because i saw some more system has small amount for hard disk like 150 or 250 GB , then the Recycle bin space will be 50 or 80GB. So that will also effect your system performance, so try to clear your Recycle bin every 2 or 3 Months.

For browsing slow- if you feel your browsing very slow or the videos running very slow, just clear the Browsing history and caches from the internet option or browser. just keep in mind when you try to clear the data it will erase your saved password from the browser. and do not install unwanted tool bars or extensions on your browser. that will be make slow for your browsing and watching videos. some time you cannot reach some website and you will see the message website cannot be reach, so just make it clear every 2 weeks or 1 month.

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