How To Root Android Phone

Why Rooting Android ??

Before you rooting your android phone you should know about what is ROOT,

Rooting is the android equivalent of jail breaking , That means Unblocking the system. So you can install Unapproved Apps , deleted Unwanted bloatware , Over lock or under block the processor.

Here is some benefits of Rooting android Phone

1. Truly Own Your Device

2. Unblock hidden features and install incompatible Apps.

3. Boost your phone`s speed and battery life

4. Block Ads in Any App

5. Backup your phone for seamless transition

6. Remove PRE installed Crapware

7. Tweak the dark corners of android

8.Flash a custom kernel

9. Flash a custom ROM

10. Automate everything

Here is Disadvantages of rooting android Phone

1. Your phone might get Bricked

2. You end up voiding Phone`s warranty

3. Conclusion

As soon if you root your phone you void your phone`s warranty and if anything happens to your phone even when it`s in the warranty period , The company is going to charge you for the Repairs .  In some of the Phones you can Un-root your phone , But in most of the Phones there is no way to going back to Un-root .

Step 1 : Download Kingoroot , this is for PC if you want to root without PC you can download kingo root apk file. when you download to PC and install and connect your mobile to PC , Make sure you already enabled Developer Mode in your android, or if you don`t know how to enable this option Just go to settings-about phone-continue 3 click on the “Build number” then it will enable .

after enabling the developer mode just choose only one option from developer option`USB debugging` then only the process can complete . some time you have to remove your external Memory from the phone. when you connect PC to Phone just wait for few minutes for connecting , when connected you can just simply ROOT . after rooting your phone it will automatically Restart.

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